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    Learn about TIST!

    TIST is over 200,000 farmers in East Africa and India. You can join this successful program and become a TIST champion in your home area!

  • What you will learn in these trainings:

    Below are short summaries of the 7 trainings offered on this site. Ready to start? Click here.

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    1. What is TIST?

    Learn about this farmer led program

    TIST is a farmer led community of volunteers who share a core set of values, and these values make us who we are as a community.

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    3. TIST Values

    Critical to our success

    The TIST Values guide who we are, what we do, what we create, and how we are different. Learn about how TIST farmers are the embodiment of these values.

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    5. Carbon Business

    Tree planting and carbon credits

    Receive an overview of what carbon is, how the carbon cycle works, how tree planting fits into the carbon cycle, and how carbon credits are generated for income.

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    2. TIST Small Groups

    The foundation of TIST

    In this training you will learn about the TIST structure, why small groups are so important to TIST, and next steps to start a Small Group.

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    4. Tree Planting and TIST

    The benefits of tree planting

    Learn more about the central activity of TIST: planting trees! Learn about why planting trees is important and how this can benefit you and the environment.

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    6. Carbon Payments

    Pre-Payments and Profit Sharing

    Every TIST Small Group signs the Green House Gas Contract. This section explains the contract and the pre-payment and profit sharing agreements for the TIST trees.

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    7. Next Steps: Joining TIST

    Ready to go and do?

    Learn what next steps you can take to join TIST and become a TIST champion!


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