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    TIST Farmers

    TIST Farmers form Small Groups to plant trees and keep them alive. These self-motivated farmers rotate leadership and are the foundation of the TIST Program. For their extraordinary work, farmers receive a 70% revenue share from the carbon credits generated.


    TIST Farmers can also be Cluster Servants and Quantifiers!

    TIST Cluster Servants

    TIST Cluster Servants support regional groups of Small Groups called Clusters. They ensure good communication with Small Groups, gather feedback from farmers about Best Practices, deliver free TIST newsletters, facilitate tree and revenue share payments and much more.


    TIST Cluster Servants can also be Farmers and Quantifiers!

    TIST Quantifiers

    TIST Quantifiers engage in monitoring activities such as counting, geolocating and measuring TIST Trees and TIST Groves to effectively calculate their CO2 offset impact. Depending on the geography, this work can be physically demanding.


    TIST Quantifiers can also be Farmers and Cluster Servants!

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