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    3. The TIST Values


    All members of TIST, no matter where in the world they call home, follow the TIST Values. These Values are critical to our continued success and they are central to who we are as a community. These Values are:

  • We are Honest

    We are Accurate

    We are Transparent

    We are Mutually Accountable

    We are Servants to Each Other

    We are Volunteers

    We Create BIG Results with Low Budgets

  • How are we different?

    We are volunteers

    TIST is made up of farmers who volunteer to join the TIST community. They enjoy the education, farming knowledge, and helping the environment.

    We develop and use best practices

    When we work together, we can find ways to improve our farms that are right for our local area. We can also share our best ideas with other farmers nearby or far away.

    We do the work ourselves in small groups

    TIST is made up of small groups. We work together to develop best practices and improve our farms and our environment.

    We use our head and our hands

    We work hard with our head and our hands. Our commitment to the TIST Values means we do things the right way, not the easy way.

  • A TIST Farmer Explains the TIST Values

    Hear directly from a TIST farmer on what the TIST Values mean to her.

  • The TIST Values and you

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